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Getting results with SEO typically takes between 6 months and a full year (even for experienced SEOs). However, it can also take longer as it depends on many factors. Of course, it can also take less time. There are a lot of high-quality websites there that are poorly optimized for search.

According to seo, co, it can take between three and six months for you to appear on the first page of Google, provided you write good content and optimize your site for search engines. If the competition is strong or you haven’t optimized your website, it could take six to 12 months before you see results. The good news is that you can take steps to improve your ranking position faster by understanding the signals used by Google and optimizing your website and content accordingly. I think it has a lot to do with Google providing the latest news results, for example when there’s a big boxing match and you Google it to see who won.

The more Google links your domain to a specific topic, the better your chances of ranking for keywords that fall under that umbrella. Let’s take a closer look at how long it actually takes to rank on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) and what steps you can take to improve yourself. And backlinks are one of the better-studied ranking factors and are much more likely to be the reason these sites rank, not their mere age. Many SEOs basically observed that their pages didn’t rank for a while, and that could be because Google is trying to avoid spam.

I hope this mix of data and experience ranking websites helps you understand how long it can take to complete a ranking. Google’s algorithm might not necessarily consider indirect ranking factors, but they can help you reach a wider audience and increase brand recognition before you increase organic traffic. This is time-sensitive content that is most relevant in a specific short period of time, and it makes sense for Google to rank it highly. As a result, the best-performing websites have likely made more effort to maintain this website integrity score, which also has an impact on improving their ranking position over the course of the study.

If you’re not familiar with Google’s ranking factors, here’s a list of 200 important ranking factors.